6 prints every woman needs

Prints are essential to completing any woman's wardrobe. However, how do you determine which ones you need? Prints come in such a wide variety of options that it can be difficult to make a choice. To help you narrow down your options and get started on your pattern collection, here are a few prints every woman needs:

1. Polka dots
Polka dots are a simple and playful pattern that you should definitely have in your closet. The great thing about this print is that it's extremely versatile. You can have the spots adorning a shirt, pants or even a scarf - and in different sizes, too. Each of these pieces of clothing look fantastic with a polka-dot print.

2. Florals
Some may consider florals more of a spring print, but it can really work any time of the year with the right colors. Add a vibrant floral to your wardrobe to stand out and make a statement. For a classy appearance, wear a floral on a dress or scarf. If you want more of a bold statement, then find a pair of pants with an elaborate flower design. Whatever style you're going for, florals are sure to help you achieve it. 

Two women in floral shirts shopping. Give your wardrobe some versatility with a variety of prints.

3. Gingham
Don't confuse this beautiful print with its cousin, plaid. Gingham fabric is made of white and another color, while plaid can be formed by any colors. Gingham also is more uniform while plaid's lines have a range of widths. Gingham has been chosen as an essential over plaid because it's feminine and flattering. The checkered pattern draws the eye while the white tones down the appearance and gives it a brighter look. You'll love having this staple in your closet. For a country vibe, try ordering a custom-made dress in this print.

4. Animal print
Having at least one animal print in your closet is always a good idea. Whether it's a cheetah-print shirt or zebra-print dress, you'll feel ferocious and confident every time you put on this piece. This fashionable attire is also perfect for a variety of occasions. For instance, wear an animal-print shirt out to drinks with your friends, or use a scarf with your favorite design to make a statement at work.

If you have a particular print or design in mind but haven't been able to find it anywhere, consider ordering custom apparel. This way, you're sure to get that unique look you've been dreaming about.

5. Stripes
Stripes are a timeless classic that you need in your closet. Get a variety of styles from vertical to horizontal. Wear this look to work on a black-and-white blouse for a polished, fashionable vibe. This style also works well on pants. If you're looking for a piece of apparel that will elongate your body, then try vertical-striped pants. You'll appear taller and the print is also really slimming.

6. Houndstooth
If you're looking for an edgy piece of apparel, get a blouse or dress in a houndstooth pattern. This eye-catching print will make you stand out from the crowd. Add this to your work wardrobe with a fashionable pencil skirt that shows you mean business, or turn it into a night-out piece with a houndstooth dress.

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