A-line: The skirt every woman needs

Having a few wardrobe staples in your closet makes putting together an outfit a whole lot easier. Each season tends to have its own basics that can be rotated depending on the weather. However, there is one staple that no wardrobe is complete without, and that's the A-line skirt. Every woman should have at least one of these pieces in her closet all year long.

Why you need an A-line skirt
The A-line skirt is the perfect wardrobe staple because it is so versatile. It can easily be worn in summer or winter and with a variety of styles. The cut is also flattering on every body type, so no matter if you're shaped like a pear, apple or other type of fruit [ha! I want to meet a rambutan-shaped person], this is one skirt you can always count on. It's difficult to find a piece of clothing you can transition from one season to the next, so after you find the right A-line skirt for you, hold onto it!

Types of A-line skirts
A-line skirts come in a plethora of styles for you to choose from. All you have to do is figure out which you like the best. For example, try out a denim A-line. Yes, this style is tricky to pull off, but it can be really rewarding.

If you're not feeling denim, consider a plain or vibrant print. These options are a little easier to manage and can be worn with a variety of looks. For a fun night out, you could also try the mini A-line, which tends to hit right around mid-thigh. If you're going for a flattering and fun look, this may be the type of skirt you need.

A young woman wearing a bright, tropical print skirt. The A-line skirt is what every woman needs to complete her closet.

How to style your A-line
Each type of A-line skirt must be styled differently. You wouldn't wear a jean vest with your denim A-line, but that jacket might go well with a solid skirt style. Women's fashion is difficult, but with the right attire, you'll be a regular fashionista in no time.

The denim A-line
When done right, the denim A-line looks chic and extremely stylish. If this is a look you want, then try finding yourself a long A-line denim skirt that buttons all the way up the front. This style of skirt has a real 70's vibe, which is trending in women's fashion right now. Pair this with chunky heels and a loose, flowy blouse for a boho look that will have people rushing to replicate your outfit.

The printed A-lined
A printed skirt will get you a lot of attention, but you can tone this look down a little with a solid piece on top. For example, if you're wearing a bright, checkered A-line, add a soft, neutral-toned sweater or tee to round out the look. This fashion statement can be perfect for work with the addition of a cardigan.

The solid A-line
Opposite of the last suggestion, if you choose a solid A-line, then spice up your appearance with colorfully patterned women's tops. If you're wearing a solid gray skirt, throw on a striped tee to enhance your appearance.

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