How to style patterned pants

Mix up the plain trouser look this fall with patterned pants. This fall fashion trend is a must and will keep you stylish and warm through fall and winter. However, many women often have trouble creating a chic ensemble with this piece. To help you stay on-trend this season, here are a few ideas for styling your patterned pants this fall:

Use neutrals
Printed pants tend to be busy and loud with their vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Balance out this look with a neutral color on top and below. For example, if your pants have shades of red, blue, orange and white, determine which color is least prominent. If the answer is white, then you could pair these pants with a white shirt and shoes.

Picking a neutral hue from the pant's color scheme will make matching a cinch and tone down the overall look of the outfit. 

Add a pop of color
Neutrals are usually the best option to pair with printed pants, except when it comes to monochromatic styles. No matter the pattern of your pants, shades of black and white call for a pop of color on top. A fashionable outfit you could try for work includes your print pants with a gray or white blouse and a bright gold or purple blazer - enhance the look even more by adding matching shoes. 

For a casual appearance, pair your black-and-white patterned pants with a dark green button-up and suede or leather booties.

Woman wearing patterned pallazzo pants and a white shirt. Pair your patterned pants with solid colors to round out the overall look.

Change textures
Diversify the look of your outfit by experimenting with the textures of your clothing. An easy way to do this is to layer with a leather jacket. The sleek material will play well against you pants, while giving you extra warmth this fall. Another option you could try is a sweater. The thicker, woolen material will contrast well with your smooth patterned pants and create an stylish outfit.

Go casual
Patterned pants are the perfect piece of clothing for hanging out with friends or running errands. They give any outfit an interesting style and can easily be fashioned into a casual outfit. For example, cuff the bottoms of the pants to go well with flats, and then add a denim button-up on top. You'll be turning heads with your eye-catching pants and effortless appearance. 

Wear accessories
Accessories can add to the overall look of your ensemble, but when you're wearing patterned pants, you have to do it right. You don't want to look like you're trying too hard or appear overly flashy. To avoid both of these outcomes, choose an accessory that matches the pants. For instance, if you have Aztec patterned pants, choose a beaded necklace or one that is shaped similar to the print. 

The same can be said about adding a scarf to your outfit. Choose an accessory that matches the colors of your pants and overall vibe of the ensemble. If you really wanted the perfect look, you could always get custom apparel. This way, you'll have a unique piece of clothing that goes perfectly with your outfit.

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