Tips for updating your wardrobe this winter

The cold weather is finally here to stay, which means bundling up every time you leave the house. This may not seem like a difficult task, but if your wardrobe hasn't been updated for winter, you won't have many appropriate things to wear.To help you prepare for the extended cold, here are a few tips for updating your closet this winter:

Make room in your closet
Before you hit the stores for the latest winter trends and fashions, take a look inside your closet. What do you have that's still considered "summery" or that you know you won't be wearing any time soon? Take all of these items out, and place them in a storage container. You can keep them in the attic until warmer seasons roll around. In the meantime, you now have a lot more room for adding new attire to your wardrobe.

Choose thicker fabrics
When you're out shopping for the latest women's fashion trends, try to stick to pieces that will keep you warm. Choosing items that are made from thicker materials is one way you can accomplish this. For instance, instead of going with a silk blouse, try to find a wool sweater or other attire made from cotton. The latter options will help insulate your body a little more, which will help you avoid that winter chill.

Cover your skin
Shorts and T-shirts are perfect for summer months, but it's way too cold to be showing that much skin now. Replace these breezy items with something more conservative, like long sleeve shirts and trousers. Stock up on these basics so you have plenty of options to choose from throughout the week. For instance, have several colored and printed shirts stacked in your closet along with a variety of trouser options. This way, you'll stay warm all winter long but you won't have to feel like you're wearing the same outfit all of the time.

Woman wearing a dark blue shirt with a patterned cardigan and a gold necklace. Wear long sleeved printed clothes this winter to stay warm and fashionable.

Add layers
Layering is a great way to be stylish yet comfortable during the winter months. To make this fashion statement possible, you need to compile an assortment of cardigans, blazers and other jackets. Button-ups and long sleeves also come in handy. When you've added these items to your wardrobe, start deciding which items go well together and how you can layer them.

You could, for example, easily pair a button-up over a plain tee with a cardigan to top off the look. When deciding what you're going to wear, make sure you take the lengths into consideration. Each piece of clothing should hit a different spot on your body. This will keep the style from being too bulky and will make you look like a fashionista.

Switch the footwear
Sandals are out and boots are officially in! If you wear open-toed shoes, you're just begging to have frozen feet. Keep your toes cozy this winter by filling your closet with plenty of warm shoes. For instance, riding boots and booties are all excellent options that will protect your feet but still look stylish when you wear them around town. If you want to work in some of the latest footwear trends, try finding a chunky heeled boot.

Find outerwear
You should also remember to update your outerwear! This means busting out the stylish peacoat or duster coat. With these options you can stay warm and fashionable all winter long. You also need to start stocking up on scarves and gloves. Try finding a matching pair for a really polished ensemble or mixing and matching these accessories to show off your unique style.

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