Our Story

Our Story

Starting a new clothing company from scratch in 2008 seemed to be a fool's errand. What began over a 2 year period with countless fabric printing experiments in a one-room shop, eventually led partners Joe Werner, Peter Daneyko and Jon Rianhard, to their eureka moment and the creation of the Before+Again™ label.

The team's patented system enabled them to take design inspirations and print concepts from diverse groups of designers, and quickly put them to fabrics creating extremely diverse and unique one-off t-shirt creations. This process provided the ability to rapidly share a variety of looks with a broad consumer audience. Ultimately consumers would decide what shape the company would take.

The real excitement began when Joe's wife, Susan, asked if some of her designs could be printed on fashionable and trendy burnout fabrics. Susan and her friends started wearing the new-look tees

and were literally stopped in the streets by women asking "where did you get those shirts?" All other endeavors stopped and it was decided that this was where all energies would be focused.


The Name

The name "Before + Again" was chosen to reflect the design process and the ever-changing cycle of fashion. Designers gain inspiration from something they've seen, felt, or heard before turning it into something new. Adding bold designs and vibrant colors to a variety of fabrics gives B+A apparel a new–fashioned take on looks that customers may find familiar, yet fun and appealing.


The Designers

Through a rich group of designers, B+A prides itself in bringing you the most original print design and colors to our ever-growing fabric offerings.

We use a diverse group of print designers made up of both in-house teams and guest designers, that include established textile designers, artists, eccentric fashionistas that all have their unique sense of style and color - to design graduates wishing to articulate their fresh take on what is new and hot.

By having such a diverse group of designers we hope to have prints that you find not only unique to you, but also fun and inspirational to your individualized tastes, or personality of the moment.

Each month we feature new designs as wells as the print designers who create them.


Made in the USA

Where each B+A piece is as unique as you are.

Each printed top, dress, or tee is proudly produced upon order in our facilities in St. Louis Mo. You select a print design and body style, from an ever-growing monthly selection - and we make it just for you; and no two pieces are exactly alike.


Keeping it Green

We take the greatest care to utilize environmentally friendly recycling process wherever possible. Our printing process involves sublimation and recyclable dye which means no waste is going down the drain.